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Over 1,400 Students & Counting...

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Safe. Confident. Self-Sufficient. 😎

Here’s What You’ll Get In The Backpacking Badass Program

Whether you’re brand new to backpacking, or you're looking to become more of a group leader, OR you want to become SOLO-confident on the trail, the Backpacking Badass Program can help. Our 5-Step Backpacking Badass Framework was designed to help you become safe, confident, and self-sufficient on the trails - no matter where you're starting from.

Online Training & Templates

Lifetime 24/7 Access. Go at your own pace! All course materials, including streaming videos, guides, templates, exercises, and bonus trainings are in the Backpacking Badass online learning center. I give you step-by-step guidance throughout the program so that you have absolutely everything you need to become a safe, confident, and self-sufficient backpacker. 

The Best Community Support

When you join the Backpacking Badass program you also join a community of over 1,400 women who are so excited to support you during your journey! We seriously have the most amazing group, and there is no question that is too silly to ask! We also have 5 badass mentors who are there to support your questions inside the community along with our Team Alpine coaches.

Ongoing Access to Expert Coaching

We want to make sure you get access to our expert backpacking coaches so that you can get support on any question you might have inside the program. We currently host 2 monthly Q&A calls in our community and 1 monthly mindset coaching call. 

Lifetime Access

Don't worry about forgetting skills, you'll always be able to come back and refresh your memory. We want you to be able to access this material again and again throughout your growth as a backpacker. Once you become a student of the Backpacking Badass Program, you're supported for life.


Meet a Few of Your NEW FRIENDS in the Backpacking Badass Community:

When you enroll in the Become an Outdoor Backpacking BadassŽ Program you instantly join me, Allison, and one badass community of women (over 1,400 badasses & counting) on a transformational adventure to becoming a safe, confident, & self-sufficient outdoor backpacker. 


Meet Caitlin

Backpacking BadassÂŽ Student Alumni

📍First Backpacking Trip After Completing the Program: The Tecumseh Trail (Indiana)

"I will be forever grateful for whatever Facebook algorithm led me to She Dreams of Alpine. 🙂 It took me a while, but I eventually decided I was all-in and told my husband that the BOBB course was my birthday gift this past summer. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for creating this course and helping women reach their goals. I don’t use this term lightly, but this has been life-changing for me."


Meet Bonnie

Backpacking BadassÂŽ Student Alumni

📍First Backpacking Trip After Completing the Program: Twin Lakes on Mt Hood (Oregon)

"It has been so great to learn everything in one place instead of figuring out what classes I needed to take and where, and I could do it in my spare time, and I have kids, and I have zero extra time. But I could do this class whenever I wanted.”


Meet Cindy

Backpacking BadassÂŽ Student Alumni

📍First Backpacking Trip After Completing the Program: Railroad Canyon in Gila National Forest (New Mexico)

"One thing I know for certain is that I will never be a passive, clueless participant on a backpacking trip ever again and that is a BIG DEAL!"


Backpacking Badass™ Alumni

"Thanks to Alison, I learned so much from my first solo hike to my backpacking trip. From gaining confidence for a solo hike to leading myself and 3 others on a 3 day 2 night backpacking trip. Best trip ever!  Had I not stumbled upon Alison’s program I would have been still dreaming of being a true backpacker. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to do this."


Backpacking Badass™ Alumni

"Thank you for starting this amazing program. It gave me the confidence to venture out, plan hiking trips and do them on my own. The amazing thing is once I started hiking, so many people were also interested in doing it but didn't have the courage and didn't know how to plan for it. I even got my son to agree to come with me on a backpacking trip every year. What else could I ask for 🥰"

This is a One-of-a-Kind Backpacking Coaching Program

In as little as 30 days, I will teach you how to go on any outdoor backpacking adventure with absolute confidence that you won’t get lost, that you’ll be equipped to handle any unforeseen scenario that comes your way, and you’ll have the essential skills, tools, and know-how in order to stay safe, calm, and have an amazing adventure every single time you step foot into the backcountry. #likeabadass

Plus, you get LIFETIME access to all the trainings & the Backpacking Badass Private Student Community for continual support, mentorship, & coaching along your journey.

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Check out our instagram @backpackingbadass for even more testimonials! These kind of results & wins ARE typical of our students who dive in, work through the lessons, and leverage the community for support - No matter what their background, age level, or prior experience is.